Orlando Hanqing Taiji Culture and Art Center - 2023 Images

Images on these pages are posted for Grace and friends to enjoy.  There is a mixture of some decent images and some not so good images.
Please notify me if any of the images offend you and they will promptly be removed.
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20230211 - Orlando, Florida - OCPA Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival at Lake Nona High School or Facebook or Archive or Video Playlist
20230211 - Orlando, Florida - Avalon Spring Fest at Avalon Park or Facebook or Archive or Video Playlist
20230205 - Orlando, Florida - Dragon Parade Lunar New Year Festival (Complete) or Facebook or Archive or Video Playlist
20230122 - Union Park, Florida - MEI Supermarket Lunar New Year Celebration
 or Facebook or Archive or Video Playlist
20230121 - Daytona Beach, Florida - Carton Shores Health and Rehab Center Tai Chi Demonstrations or Facebook or Archive or Video Playlist


updated 02/14/2023